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  • 2020.Jan.21

Regarding product developments, it has been a long journey for almost 30 years for our company, and the proof of their success is our results what have been achieved during the „major”

Here is a list – without being exhaustive – from 2019 to justify
these achievements:
Feeder Fishing World Championship for Clubs – Portugal. Maros-WalterLand Team is the Club World Champion!

World Fishing Games – South Africa
Course Angling Ladies WC – 1st place Hungary (three members of the Hungarian National Team are sponsored by Maros Mix.)
Feeder WC – 1st place Hungary (most of the Hungarian National Feeder Team are from Maros-WalterLand Feeder Team)
Carp WC – 8th Hungary. Hungarian pair’s are the members of Maros-WalterLand team.
Course Angling WC Youth – Peter Bakó (former Juniur World Champion) finished 2nd place Individual in Spain 2019
National Method Feeder Club Championship – 1st place Maros-Mix Team
National Carp fishing Club Championship – 1st place RaceR Team, members: Peter Roskó and Tamás Kis (from Maros- Walterland)

National Ladies Individual Championship – 1st place Hajnalka Kovács
National Individual Feeder Championship – 1st place Soma Arató

Just to mention the greatest achievements…
The developments continue, of course, every new experiences are very succesfull for providing new products.
The new EA Wafter pellets are also coming on the market on affordable price and in comfortable packaging!
Also good news for matchanglers, that product range of leams continues to expand and the well-known MAROS particle binder is available again from 2020. Continous improving of the production and the awareness of our colleauges guarantee that our products can be used succesfully under the most different circumstances!

„Using MAROS products is not the only way of successful fishing,
but it makes cathing fish easier for everyone.”