• Katalógusok
  • 2023.Feb.15

If you take your time and read through the introduction of our company, you will immediately see how the past and present of Maros Mix Ltd. go hand in hand with the development and success of Hungarian match fishing. 30 years ago, two members of the then dominant Makó match team have decided to use their vast experience and began producing high-quality groundbaits for all anglers. Ever since, recipes have been constantly refined and new groundbaits and hookbaits have been developed, making our current product portfolio suitable for all fishing conditions and situations.

In addition to the MAROS brand, the product range of Maros Mix Ltd. also features the ever-expanding line of EA products, building on the expertise of our field tester Attila ERDEI. Furthermore, combining the knowledge of World and European champion Tamás Walter and the decades-old manufacturing competence of Maros Mix, our Seria Walter product line offers a new class of solutions for float and feeder fishing. Finally, we are also official distributors of the Italian Tubertini company for the Hungarian and the Romanian markets.

We are very proud of the growing interest in our products not only in Hungary but also abroad.

We remain strongly convinced:

„Using MAROS products is not the only way to successful fishing but it definitely makes catching fish easier for everyone.”



Hungarian match anglers had a great year in 2022 and we are very proud of the Maros Team members who contributed to the many international medals and trophies.

Our team has won both feeder club nationals this year! The Maros-WalterLand Team is both feeder and method feeder Hungarian club champion of the year!

Péter Bakó defended both his world cup individual and team title in method feeder fishing and obtained a silver medal in the method feeder national following last year’s gold medal

The individual champion of last year’s Masters Coarse World Cup, Tibor Ambrus has now won the individual world cup title in the first Masters Feeder World Cup, becoming the first angler to win both individual titles in the masters category! He was accompanied on the world champion team by Attila Erdei, Hungarian masters feeder and coarse champion. In addition to his two masters champion titles, Attila has also won his fourth Hungarian feeder champion title in the „premier” league.

At the Ladies Coarse World Cup, the Hungarian squad lost its team title by 1 point only and the individual title was also very close with Maros Team member Diána Walter-Barna coming in second and Hajnalka Savanyó-Kovács in third place.

Congratulations to all competitors!